Selenium Configuration

Selenium IDE Installation

Please download and install the Selenium IDE for “fireFox” –

Note: Sometimes with Firefox 3.6 is not working properly.

Eclipse – Selenium Configuration

  1. Create a new Eclipse environment, to configure the eclipse,  please refer the below link as specified.
  2. We have to clone the following repository were you created the workspace, to clone the repository:
  3. Open up the eclipse and follow the step
    1. File >> New >> Project and then select Java >> Java Project
    2. Specify the Project Name as  “automation”
    3. Check “Create project from existing source” and select /home/openbravo/workspaces/pi/automation
    4. Press Next and Finish.
  4. Refresh and Build the automation project.
  5. Create a copy of “automation/config/” and rename as “”
  6. Configure the “” files with the help of following link
  7. Create a “logs” folder in /home/openbravo/workspaces/pi/automation/
    mkdir logs
  8. Navigate to /home/openbravo/workspaces/pi/automation and then run the following ant commmand.
    ant compile
    ant init
  9. Finally Run a sample test suite of logging and logout:
    ant test.integration -Dtestclass=”com.openbravo.test.integration.erp.testsuites.smoke.masterdata.ADM0000_Logging”

Advance Payables and Receivables

Advance Payables and Receivables Management is a new workflow for the users that increase the speed and ease of doing their receivables and payables.

This development with respect to the existing “Payment” workflow and it should be able to use their process without reconfiguration.

We have also created a test instance for the community to work around with this project / workflow. Click the link as mentioned below with the credentials of demouser / demouser.

Please find the link for the user guide / demo script to work around with this project.

And you can post your doubts and comments in our forum Online appliance

Indian states module announcement

Functional Design: This module is developed on top of Openbravo ERP core and loads the regions or states which belongs to India. India has union of states comprising of 28 states and 7 union territories. Basically this module will have these states and union territories of India. Anyone can download and install this module to view the regions of India.  Click here to know more on Functional Specification.

Technical Design: This is a simple design of the Indian State module which has been developed with the dependency of Core module and it is defined as an extension module. Find below the technical content of the design document.

  1. Module Creation
  2. Data Feed
  3. Dataset
  4. Exporting the Module
  5. Packaging the Module

Note: An example has been included in HowTos section under “How to create dataset” link.

Conclusion: The Indian States extension module will act as an independent module. The country India already exists in theCore module but there are no states (Openbravo ERP refers this as Region) available. So this new module will have the states of India like TamilNadu, Andra Pradesh, etc in the Region Tab which comes under General Setup || Application || Country Region and City || Country.

How to create dataset announcement

In HowTos section, the How to Create Dataset document has been completed and it is available for the Community. This document explain how to create and install the dataset based on the different access level.

Please click the link to know more on How to create dataset in step by step flow. In this document the Indian State module is included as one of the example under Dataset of Regions.

Contribute to the Openbravo Community by developing an sharing modules of your country regions! 🙂